Non-erodible Bed

A non-erodible bed can be specified in the morphological module to represent some non-erodible coastal structures such as breakwaters, sea walls, and concrete constructions. The spatial distribution of an erodible layer with variable thickness \(Z_s\) (m) is defined in the computational domain with a separate input file. The non-erodible condition can be described as:

(92)\[P = \bar{P}, \hspace{1cm} \bar{Z}_b \leq Z_s\]

In the model input, a user can specify an erodible thickness \(Z_s\) with HARD_BOTTOM = F and HARD_BOTTOM_FILE = your_filname.txt, where zero or negative values represent non-erodible bed and positive values represent erodible bed up to \(Z_s\) thickness. See Sediment Transport and Morphological Change for more information.