Download simple examples

Simple examples are included in the package of Version 3.1 and higher (click here to download from GitHub) . They are located in the directory /simple_cases/. The simple examples serve as baseline cases for testing your system. You can also choose a simple case similar to your modeling scenario to set up your case. The following simple cases available. The simple examples are also used during the FUNWAVE training workshop.

Download benchmark tests

Benchmark tests are validation and verification (V & V) cases with model comparisons with lab or field experiment data. Available benchmarks: click here to download from GitHub

Compile and setup

  1. uncompress the code from the package downloaded
  2. modify Makefile if needed. There are several necessary flags in Makefile needed to specify below.
  • –DDOUBLE_PRECISION: use double precision, default is single precision.
  • –DPARALLEL: use parallel mode, default is serial mode.
  • –DCARTESIAN: Cartesian version, otherwise Spherical version
  • –DINTEL: if INTEL compiler is used, this option can make use of FPORT for the RAND() function
  • –DCRAY: for CRAY RAND() and system commands
  • –DCOUPLING: nesting mode.
  • –DSPHERICAL_IJ_STATION: in spherical mode, if you want your station locations defined by grid point (I,J). Otherwise, station locations should be defined by (lat lon).
  • –DVESSLE: include shipwake module
  • –DSEDIMENT: include sediment and morphological module
  • –DWIND: include wind effect
  • –DMETEO: include meteo tsunami module
  • –DMANNING: use Manning formula for bottom friction
  • –DCHECK_MASS_CONSERVATION: correct mass conservation problem caused by wetting/drying
  • –DTRACKING: include Lagrangian tracking module
  • CPP: path to CPP directory.
  • FC: Fortran compiler.
  1. compile the code

in command line type

> make clean

> make

The executable file such as ‘funwave’ or ‘mytvd’ (specified in Makefile) will be generated. Note: always use ‘make clean’ after modifying Makefile.

  1. run the model

Modify input.txt if needed and run.