• Can I run FUNWAVE-TVD on a Windows machine?

    Yes, an easy way to do this is to install Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) on a Windows 10. HERE is an example telling you how to install it and run FUNWAVE-TVD. You can also download the tutorial - click here.

  • How to report bugs?

    If you have either forked over your repo instead of cloning directly from the FUNWAVE-TVD repo, or have cloned from the repo and have branched out to fix this bug, please do a PULL REQUEST on Github. This way we can automatically check the validity of the update and do our own internal testing to avoid conflicts before merging into the master branch.

    You can also report bugs in the FUNWAVE-TVD forum or send email directly to fyshi AT udel.edu, matt.malej AT gmail.com. (AT is @ if you are human).

  • Can I run the model using Cloud Computating Service?

    Yes, the tutorial provides an example using Amazon AWS Cloud Computing - click here (In Appendix)

  • Which version should I download from the Github repository?

    We suggest downloading the latest release version on Github. You could use the beta version but be aware that it is not fully tested through all test cases. Download page: MODEL DOWNLOAD AND SETUP.

  • When I encounter a problem or have a question, can I contact the authors directly?

    Yes, you can. However, we suggest putting up your question in the FUNWAVE-TVD forum first.

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