Sediment Transport and Morphological ChangeΒΆ


  • Sed_Scheme: numerical scheme for solving the advection-diffusion equation
  • Sed_Scheme = TVD: TVD scheme
  • Sed_Scheme = Upwinding: Upwinding scheme (defalt)


  • D50: median grain diameter \(D_{50}\), defalt \(D_{50} = 0.5mm\)
  • Sdensity: gravity of sediment \(s\), defalt \(s = 2.68\)
  • n_porosity: porosity of sediment \(n\), defalt \(n=0.47\)
  • WS: settling velocity \(w_f\), defalt \(w_f = 0.125\) m/s
  • Shields_cr: critical Shields parameter for suspended load \(\theta_{cr}\), defalt \(\theta_{cr} = 0.05\)
  • Shields_cr_bedload: Shields parameter for bedload \(\theta_{cr}^{b}\), defalt \(\theta_{cr}^{b} = 0.047\) based on Meyer-Peter and Muller (1984)
  • Kappa1: Runge-Kutta parameter \(\kappa_1\), defalt \(\kappa_1 = 0.3333\), 4th-order
  • Kappa2: Runge-Kutta parameter \(\kappa_2\), defalt \(\kappa_1 = 1.0\), 4th-order
  • MinDepthPickup: the minimum depth for sediment pickup action. The purpose of this parameter is to avoid over-shooting at a very small depth. Default: MinDepthPickup = 0.1m.


  • Bed_Change: logical parameter, T: update depth, F: no bed change.
  • Hard_bottom: logical parameter, T: hard bed, no erosion allowed, F: sediment bed
  • Hard_bottom_file: the file contains the distribution of hard bed points (0:hard bed, 1: sediment bed). The format is the same as the depth file
  • Morph_step: ratio of Boussinesq model time step to the morphological updating step, \(dt_{morph}\), defalt: \(dt_{morph}\) = 25


  • Avalanche: logical parameter, T: consider avalanche, F: not consider avalanche
  • Tan_phi: tangent of the repose angle \(\tan \phi\), defalt \(\tan \phi = 0.7\), or 35 deg


  • PLOT_INTV_SEDIMENT: time interval for plotting sediment transport variables, defalt is the same as the Boussinesq model
  • C_xxxxx: Sediment concentration (g/l) at xxxxx output step
  • Pick_xxxxx: sediment pickup value at xxxxx output step
  • Depo_xxxxx: sediment deposition value at xxxxx output step
  • DchgS_xxxxx: depth change (without considering porosity ) due to suspended load UPTO xxxxx output step
  • DchgB_xxxxx: depth change (without considering porosity ) due to bedload UPTO xxxxx output step
  • BedFx_xxxxx: bedload flux in x
  • BedFy_xxxxx: bedload flux in y
  • dep_xxxxx: depth (with considering porosity) UPTO xxxxx output step