Wind and Pressure FieldΒΆ


  • WindForce: logical parameter representing if wind effect is taken into account. T or F.
  • AirPressure: logical parameter representing if pressure effect is taken into account. T or F.
  • WindWaveInteraction: logical parameter representing if wave-wind interaction (Chen et al. 2003) based on the formula presented in ‘METEO module’ in INTRODUCTION section. The parameter WindCrestPercent will be used.
  • Cdw: wind stress coefficient for the quadratic formula if WindForce = T. Default: 0.002.
  • WindCrestPercent: ratio of the forced wave crest height to the maximum surface elevation, if WindForce = T. Default: 100% (for storm surges).
  • WindConstantField: logical parameter for constant wind field. T or F.
  • WIND_FILE: file name for the constant wind field. The following is an example of data format.

wind data

100 - number of data

0.0 , 10.0 0.0 — time(s), wu, wv (m/s)

2000.0, 10.0, 0.0

8000.0, 10.0, 0.0


  • WindHollandModel: logical parameter for Holland model. T or F.
  • STORM_FILE: name of file contains paramters used for Holland hurricane model

A sample:

STORM FILE (model does not read)

Sandy - storm name

time(s), x(m), y(m), pn(mb), pc(mb), A, B (model does not read)

0.0, 800000.0, 400000.0, 1005.0, 950.0, 23.0, 1.50 - time, x,y, pn, pc, A, B

120000.0, 800000.0, 1500000.0, 1005.0, 950.0, 23.0, 1.50