Shipwakes SetupΒΆ

Specify a folder which contains a number of vessel files, vessel_00001, vessel_00002, ...
Specify the number of vessels (e.g., 5)
NumVessel = 5

In vessel_00001, for example, provide vessel name, vessel length, width, shape parameters, draft and time series of vessel path:
Title: Vessel # 1
Length(m), Width(m), Alpha(m), Beta(m), P(unit)
20.0 10.0, 0.5, 0.5, 1.0
0.0000000e+00, 5.6000000e+02, 5.0000000e+02
1.0000000e+00, 5.6374897e+02, 5.0255132e+02
In the time series, the first column is time in seconds, the second and the third are x and y in meters, respectively.