Spherical Coordinates

Input for Spherical mode

All input parameters, except the following grid information, are the same as for the Cartesian code.

  • Lon_West: longitude (degrees) of west boundary.

  • Lat_South: latitude (degrees) of south boundary.

  • Dphi: \(d\phi\) (degrees)

  • Dtheta: \(d\theta\) (degrees)

  • ArrTimeMinH: threshold to detect tsunami wave (default is 0.0001m), for output files of tsunami arrival time with OUT_Time = T.

In addition, it is not necessary to specify Gamma2 (for nonlinear dispersive terms) in the spherical code.

Another feature of the spherical code is that a computational grid can be a stretched grid. For a stretched grid, a user should set StretchGrid = T and provide grid files for DX and DY and a file for Coriolis parameters at each grid point. For example,

DX_FILE = dx_str.txt

DY_FILE = dy_str.txt

CORIOLIS_FILE = cori_str.txt

However, use of a stretched grid is not recommended in terms of decrease in numerical accuracy for higher order numerical schemes.