Bubble and Foam Module


Bubble entrainment, foam transfer rate and burst rate are formulated based on empirical formulas developed in a previous study. Details will be documented in Malej et al. 2023 (in preparation).

Model configuration and input

  1. Modify Makefile with -DFOAM

  2. Specify parameters related to bubble and foam entrainments, etc.

PLOT_INTV_FOAM = <float number> (default: same as PLOT_INTV)
BurstRate = <float number> (default: 0.01)
MinThick = <float number> (default: 0.01)
TransferRate = <float number> (default: 0.1)
CdFoam = <float number> (default: 0.5)
  1. An example is provided in /rip\_2D\_foam/. The figure below shows the model result from default parameters.

alternate text

More information

List of parameters for foam module setup can be found here.


Malej et al. (2023), in preparation.