Interaction between wind waves and ship-wakes in an inlet system

In this example, you will add a vessel to the Irregular waves with 30 deg oblique incidence example. You will use the input_irr_30deg_ship.txt input file located in /simple_cases/inlet_shoal/input_files/ – remember to rename this file, or copy the file contents, into a file named “input.txt”. The bathymetry to use is /simple_cases/inlet_shoal/bathy/dep_shoal_inlet.txt.

Computational domain

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Setup “input.txt”

Refer to Basics for model setup for the domain setup, and Irregular waves with 30 deg oblique incidence for wavemaker setup.

Set descriptive title for this simulation:

 TITLE = vessel_inlet

Add a vessel with the following characteristics:

!-----SHIP WAKES-----
 NumVessel = 1

In vessel_00001, specify:

Title: Vessel # 1
Pressure, 1
Length(m), Width(m), Alpha1(m),Alpha2(m), Beta(m), P(unit)
10.0  5.0, 0.5, 0.5, 0.5, 2.0
Time, X(m), Y(m)  (relative to the origin of the coordinates)
0.0   900.0   0.0
150.0 900.0   0.0
250.0 900.0   1000.0
1000.0 -6600  1000.0

(refer to Ship-wake Module and Shipwakes for more information)


For postprocessing examples, MATLAB and Python scripts are located in /simple_cases/inlet_shoal/postprocessing/.

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