Single Vessel in a Circular Basin

In this example, you will have a single vessel in a circular basin. The input file for this example is located /simple_cases/vessel_island_beach/.

Computational domain

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Setup in input.txt:

See an example of a complete “input.txt” here. Remember that all parameters are case sensitive.

Set a descriptive title for your simulation:

 TITLE = vessel_circular

If running in parallel, set the number of processors in X and Y:

 PX = 2
 PY = 2

Set the bathymetry to the depth file provided:

 DEPTH_FILE = depth.txt

(refer to Grid and Computational Time for parameter definitions)

Send the results to a folder named “output”:

 RESULT_FOLDER = output/

Set the dimensions of the domain to 500 x 500 (x and y, respectively):

 Mglob = 500
 Nglob = 500

Set the computational time, plot time, and screen interval to 300.0 s, 1.0 s, and 1.0 s, respectively:

 TOTAL_TIME = 300.0
 PLOT_INTV = 1.0

Set the grid spacing in x and y to 2.0 m:

 DX = 2.0
 DY = 2.0

Add a single vessel with the following specifications:

!-----SHIP WAKES-----
 NumVessel = 1

In vessel_00001, specify:

Title: Vessel # 1
Pressure, 1
Length(m), Width(m), Alpha1(m), Alpha2(m), Beta(m), P(unit)
20.0  10.0, 0.5, 0.5, 0.5, 1.0
0.0000000e+00,   5.6000000e+02,   5.0000000e+02
1.0000000e+00,   5.6374897e+02,   5.0255132e+02

(refer to Ship-wake Module and Shipwakes)

Output the water elevation:

 ETA = T


For postprocessing examples, MATLAB and Python scripts are located in /simple_cases/vessel_island_beach/postprocessing. An example model result is shown below:

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