Physics (dispersion, breaking, friction)ΒΆ


  • DISPERSION: logical parameter for inclusion of dispersion terms. T - calculate dispersion, F - no dispersion terms. Default: T.
  • Gamma1: parameter for linear dispersive terms. 1.0 - inclusion of linear dispersive terms, 0.0 - no linear dispersive terms. Default: 1.0.
  • Gamma2: parameter for nonlinear dispersive terms. 1.0 - inclusion of nonlinear dispersive terms, 0.0 - no nonlinear dispersive terms. Default: 1.0.

Gamma1=1.0, Gamma2=0.0 for NG’s equations.

Gamma1=1.0, Gamma2=1.0 for the fully nonlinear Boussinesq equations.

  • Gamma3: parameter for linear shallow water equations (Gamma3 = 1.0). When Gamma3 = 0.0, Gamma1 and Gamma2 automatically become zero. Default: 1.0.
  • Beta_ref: parameter \(\beta\) defined for the reference level. \(\beta\) = -0.531 for NG’s and FUNWAVE equations. Default: -0.531.
  • VISCOSITY_BREAKING : logical parameter for viscous breaking. When this option is selected, Cbrk1 and Cbrk2 needed. Default is shock-capturing type breaking.
  • Cbrk1: parameter C1 in Kennedy et al. (2000). Default: 0.45
  • Cbrk2: parameter C2 in Kennedy et al. (2000). Default: 0.35


Cbrk1 and Cbrk2 were re-calibrated in Choi et al. (2018). C1 is around 0.45 in FUNWAVE-TVD, instead of C1=0.65 used in Kennedy et al.

  • SWE_ETA_DEP: ratio of height/depth for switching from Boussinesq to NSWE for shock-capturing breaking. The value is \(\sim\) 0.80.


  • FRICTION_MATRIX: logical parameter for homogeneous and inhomogeneous frction feild. T - inhomogeneous, F - homogeneous. Default: F.

  • FRICTION_FILE: file file if FRICTION_MATRIX= T , file dimension should be Mglob x Nglob with the first point as the south-west corner. The read format in the code is shown below.

    DO J=1,Nglob



  • Cd_fixed: fixed bottom friction coefficient.

  • SHOW_BREAKING: logical parameter to calculate breaking index. Note that, if VISCOSITY_BREAKING is not selected, breaking is calculated using shock wave capturing scheme. The index calculated here is based on Kennedy et al. (2000).
  • WAVEMAKER_Cbrk: breaking parameter inside wavemaker. For some cases, wave breaks inside the wavemaker. This parameter provides Cbrk inside the wavemaker domain. For most of cases, set WAVEMAKER_Cbrk = Cbrk1 or higher. Default: LARGE.