Numerical ParametersΒΆ


  • Time_Scheme: stepping option, Runge_Kutta or Predictor_Corrector (not suggested for this version). Default: Runge_Kutta.
  • HIGH_ORDER: spatial scheme option, FOURTH for the fourth-order, THIRD for the third-order, and SECOND for the second-order (not suggested for Boussinesq modeling). Default: FOURTH.
  • CONSTRUCTION: construction method, HLL for HLL scheme, otherwise for averaging scheme. Default: HLL.
  • CFL: CFL number, CFL \(\sim\) 0.5 (default).
  • FroudeCap: cap for Froude number in velocity calculation for efficiency. The value could be 1.0 \(\sim\) 10.0. Default: 3.0
  • MinDepth: minimum water depth (m) for wetting and drying scheme. Suggestion: MinDepth = 0.001 for lab scale and 0.01 for field scale. Defaut: 0.01.
  • MinDepthFrc: merge to MinDepth for Version 3.1 or higher. If both MinDepth and MinDepthFrc are specified, the model takes the Maximum value of MinDepth and MinDepthFrc.