30 deg irregular waves, a submerged breakwater with partial reflection

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Continue to build on 30 deg irregular waves, a submerged/emerged breakwater by adding a partially reflecting breakwater to the simulation. Refer to Basics for model setup for domain setup.

Set descriptive title for your simulation:

 TITLE = inlet_irr_30deg_brk_ref

Keep the DEPTH_FILE the same as in 30 deg irregular waves, a submerged/emerged breakwater, and add a BREAKWATER_FILE to define the partially reflecting breakwater:

 DEPTH_FILE = DEPTH_FILE = dep_shoal_inlet_brk.txt

 BREAKWATER_FILE = brk_shoal_inlet.txt

“brk_shoal_inlet.txt” has the same format as the depth file, and the values represent the damping width (like a sponge layer).

Refer to Example: add partially reflecting/absorbing breakwater for more information.