Irregular wave

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Update the wavemaker type and add the appropriate parameters in the wavemaker section of “input.txt” for this example. The domain setup was defined in Basics for model setup, and the baseline case can be reviewed at Regular wave (baseline case).

Set descriptive title for your simulation:

 TITLE = inlet_irr

Add an irregular wavemaker with the following conditions:

 DEP_WK = 10.0
 Xc_WK = 250.0
 Yc_WK = 0.0
 Ywidth_WK = 20000.0
 FreqPeak = 0.0893
 FreqMin = 0.03
 FreqMax = 0.3
 Hmo = 1.00
 GammaTMA = 3.3
 ThetaPeak = 0.0
 Sigma_Theta = 10.0

Default option for energy splitting is EqualEnergy (refer to Spectrum: Equal Energy Splitting for more information). Review wavemaker parameter definitions here.