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  • INI_UVZ: logical parameter for initial condition, default is FALSE

  • ETA_FILE: name of file for initial \(\eta\), e.g., ETA_FILE = /Users/results/eta_00100, data could be the last results from a previous run. Data format is the same as the output/depth files in ASCII file format.

  • U_FILE: name of file for initial u, e.g., U_FILE = /Users/results/u_00100. If no U_FILE specified, use zeros.

  • V_FILE: name of file for initial v, e.g., V_FILE = /Users/results/v_00100. If no V_FILE specified, use zeros.

  • MASK_FILE: name of file for initial MASK, e.g., MASK_FILE = /Users/results/mask_00100. A MASK_FILE could be from a model output and the format is REAL numbers. If there is no MASK_FILE, MASK values will be re-specified according to ETA and DEPTH.