Basics for model setup

In this example, you will use a separate file to define the bathymetry of the computational domain that matches the figure below. In the directory /simple_cases/rip_2d/bathy/ is a file named “depth_a15.txt” that will be called in “input.txt”.

Computational domain

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Setup in “input.txt”

You will find the complete “input.txt” file in the directory /simple_cases/rip_2d/work/ for this example. On this page, we will focus on setting up the model domain. Wavemaker and physics parameters will be defined on the Irregular wave normal incidence page. Remember that all parameters are case sensitive.

If running in parallel, set the number of processors in X and Y:

!-----PARALLEL INFO-----
 PX = 4
 PY = 4

Set the bathymetry to the depth file:

 DEPTH_FILE = ../bathy/depth_a15.txt

(refer to Grid and Computational Time for parameter descriptions)

Send the results to a folder named “output”:

 RESULT_FOLDER = output/

Set the dimensions of the domain to 512 x 250 in x and y directions, respectively:

 Mglob = 512
 Nglob = 250

Set the total computational time, plot time, and screen intervals to 1000.0 s, 100.0 s, and 100.0 s, respectively. If printing results to a station file, use 0.5 s:

 TOTAL_TIME = 1000.0
 PLOT_INTV = 100.0
 SCREEN_INTV = 100.0

Set the grid spacing in x and y to 1.0 m and 2.0 m, respectively:

 DX = 1.0 m
 DY = 2.0 m


For postprocessing examples, MATLAB scripts are located in /simple_cases/rip_2d/postprocessing/.