FUNWAVE–TVD is the TVD version of the fully nonlinear Boussinesq wave model (FUNWAVE) initially developed by Kirby et al. (1998). The development of the present version was motivated by recent needs for modeling of surfzone–scale optical properties in a Boussinesq model framework, and modeling of Tsunami wave in both a regional/coastal scale for prediction of coastal inundation and a basin scale for wave propagation. This version features several theoretical and numerical improvements, including 1) a more complete set of fully nonlinear Boussinesq equations; 2) MUSCL–TVD solver with adaptive Runge–Kutta time stepping; 3) Shock–capturing wave breaking scheme; 4) wetting–drying moving boundary condition with incorporation of HLL construction method into the scheme; 5) an option for parallel computation.

The most recent developments include: 1)ship-wake generation (Shi et al., 2018); 2) meteo-tsunami generation (Woodruff et al., 2018); 3) sediment transport and morphological changes (Malej et al., 2018).

This Wiki page provides general introductions to all model components and users’ manual, simple examples for beginners. The detailed model equations and numerical schemes can be found in Shi et al. (2012).